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60 site professional hydroponic full set up


Aeroflo 60 complete aeroponic system , holds 60 full sized plants in a 6 foot by 7 foot area.
with regular hydroponic systems the roots soak in water all the time. This deprives the roots of valuable oxygen that is essential to achieve optimal growth. the Aeroflo system sprays a mixture of water and nutrients on the roots intermittently. This allows the roots to receive the maximum amount of oxygen. This is the perfect system for a sea of green grow. combine this system with a 1000 watt hdd or LED and your ready to grow. You could turn the system and come back in two months to a finished crop.
*** all the pictures in this ad are from the internet. I did not take them, they are to show what the system looks like set up, the system for sale is new and still in the box.
The system normally sells for $1173 plus tax and shipping. the total is around $1500
Im open to trade, don`t be afraid to shoot me a trade offer but please be realistic.

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